The foundation of beautiful makeup is, well… the foundation. And none of us want it to start vanishing and wiping off before we’re back home after a long workday. I’ve been embarrassed once when a brand I tried didn’t last past 2 pm, and I had a lunch date to attend. Never again.


So What Causes Makeup Not to Last?

Knowing what not to do will help any foundation last just a little bit longer. Also, these apply for almost any form of makeup.


Very autonomously, often without thinking about it, we keep scratching an itch, rubbing our eyes or wiping our foreheads. We even lean onto our hands when we’re tired or bored.


These gestures, combined with the heat in our hands, makes it extremely easy for any makeup to smear or get rubbed off. Even worse is that this also spreads germs and doesn’t help any acne issues.


Applying both foundation and moisturizer in quick succession leaves them liable to sliding right off as neither have the chance to settle on your skin. Give the products a few moments between applications for them to take hold.


The Foundations That Last

Now that we know what causes some foundation and other makeups to disappear, I’d like to share some of my favorite long lasting foundations.


This is a full coverage foundation that provides a matte finish. The product is long lasting and will carry you through your meetings and even dates without the fear of having your complexion fade.


The formula will provide you with 12 hours of weightless protection, meaning you can party hard without feeling like your face was made of lead. It’s skin smart and will adjust itself to your skin’s needs, whether oily or dry, or a combination of both. It’s also available in a large selection of shades.



Designed for healthy and dry skin, this foundation provides full coverage while an antioxidant cream and concealer as well.


The cream foundation is filled with emollients that will moisturize your skin while it provides antioxidants such as vitamin E and C. Your skin will be protected from free radicals as the cream offers a radiant finish. The texture it provides makes this a great makeup item for contouring.


This long-lasting liquid foundation will provide you with full, rich coverage that many professional makeup artists love. Its formula allows it to be easily blended to skin tones and produces a water-resistant finish.


The product provides a semi-matte finish that conditions the skin while absorbing excess ingredients to reduce oil buildup. It’s a great product to use as the canvas for the art of makeup.


This breakthrough liquid powder foundation is perfect for anyone with acne prone skin. It can absorb oils while covering blemishes to leave you with a velvet-like matte finish that has extended lasting capabilities.


It contains advanced cashmere kaolinite claw, an ingredient that works throughout the day to control the skin’s oil and keep the skin clear by drawing out impurities.


Another vital ingredient is phytostem edelweiss. It aids smoothening, protecting, and nourishing the skin by providing antioxidants. To top all these off is the oxygenating solvents, which brings oxygen to the skin and keeps pores clear.


It is free of mineral oils and contains less than 1 percent of synthetic fragrances. It’s great for anyone who needs an acne relief cream which doubles as a beautiful complexion.


Final Thoughts

We all want long lasting makeup, especially when it comes down to the very base. Hopefully, with this information and my suggestions, you’ll be able to enjoy your days without the worries of foundation fading away.

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