You may have noticed the buzz around cruelty-free products becoming louder and louder recently. People are more aware of how their favorite products are made, and opting for vegan or natural products is becoming a popular choice.


With the vegan cosmetic market drawing in huge crowds, you may be wondering why it’s so. Today, we will answer the question of the benefits of cruelty-free makeup. Read on, and you will know why you should make the switch to a brand like Rock Candy Beauty?

No Animals are Harmed

Most makeup brands test their products on animals to ensure that they are safe for human use. Small mammals and rodents are usually traumatised, injured and killed in the process of testing products for human consumption.


Not only does this cause needless suffering for animals such as guinea pigs and rabbits, it’s also unnecessary.


Technology nowadays allows us to test cosmetics in labs using human skin cells. In the final stages of product development, human volunteers can trial the cosmetics to ensure that they are of good quality.


This gives companies better results and therefore better products on the shelves for you. The best part is, no animals are harmed in the process and all testing is done on a voluntary basis.


What’s more is that some products contain animal ingredients. Lipsticks for example, use whale blubber or beeswax to give them the creamy texture. These can easily be replaced with natural, plant-based ingredients such as jojoba oil and cocoa butter.


Leaping Bunny is a program that gives brands an official certification that they are cruelty-free. This means that the company hasn’t tested on animals and doesn’t use any animal products in their cosmetics.


If you want to ensure you are using cruelty-free makeup, check out their list of certified brands. Heads up, Rock Candy is on there!


No More Damage to the Environment

It’s obvious that cruelty-free applies to animals, but did you know that it also benefits the environment?


Most companies that produce cruelty-free products are mindful of their impact on the environment, which in turn is ensuring that animals are not harmed.


Every minute, the equivalent of 20 football fields are lost to deforestation. Forests are wiped out in order to plant palm trees, which are then ruthlessly harvested. The ingredient that comes from palm trees is palm oil, and the majority of our cosmetic products contain it.


However, there are ways to harvest palm oil sustainably, and even to substitute it completely for other natural ingredients.


Companies that aren’t concerned with being cruelty-free tend to go for cheap, unsustainable options. This results in issues such as deforestation and other damaging effects on the natural habitats of animals.


On the other hand, most cruelty-free brands will be conscious of how their products were made, and generally do not use ingredients that damage the environment.

And Finally, a Benefit for You

It sounds great that animals and the environment are being protected when you use cruelty-free makeup. But what do you get out of all this?


Brands that do not use animal-based ingredients will instead use healthier, natural resources that are a lot more beneficial to your body. Plants are a great source of ingredients and we can sustainably extract oils and other by-products from them and use them in beauty items.


For example, Rock Candy sources fresh and organic ingredients in order to make their spray on makeup luxurious and natural. We want you to look flawless, which is why none of our makeup items contains toxic synthetics.


Save the environment and save yourself the chemicals – we’ve got you covered!


Now you should be aware of the benefits of cruelty-free makeup and why it’s important to consider where your cosmetics come from. What are you waiting for? Have a browse through Rock Candy’s cruelty-free products and treat yourself to a lush makeup experience!

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