In recent years there has been a significant increase in cruelty-free certified brands. Now many consumers make the conscious decision to seek out and buy these, even at a higher price.


However, there are still many popular high-end cosmetic brands which continue testing on animals. Why is that? Why wouldn’t all companies want to do business ethically and responsibly?

Myths, Lies, and Excuses

Most companies and brands will give vague excuses at best and downright lie at worst. They may claim that it is too difficult to apply for certification. Some of them will say that the costs are way too high, especially for new businesses.


This couldn’t be further from the truth! I will give you a simple overview of the whole process and debunk the myths and excuses too often told. There‚Äôs one thing to remember first, though.

Not All Bunnies Are the Same

You might have noticed that most cruelty-free logos all display bunnies, yet they are not all the same. They could belong to Peta Beauty Without Bunnies, Choose Cruelty-Free, and other organizations.


The certification to look out for the most is Leaping Bunny. It provides the gold standard for personal care, household products, and cruelty-free cosmetics. It is the most consistent and trusted certification by far.


To be Leaping Bunny certified, a company not only pledges to end all animal testing for ingredients and finished products, but their ingredient suppliers will have to adhere to the same rules as well.


Both must accept being independently audited and must also recommit annually. Certified brands and companies are not allowed to distribute their products in foreign countries allowing animal testing, such as China.


Peta Beauty Without Bunnies and Choose Cruelty-Free don’t require brands to follow such strict guidelines. So what reasons do brand give for opting out from being Leaping Bunny certified, and what should your answer to those reasons be?

It’s Only Recognized in the USA

Not true. Leaping Bunny is an international certification program. It’s recognized in the USA, Canada, and the European Union!

Long Waiting Time

Companies claiming that they’re waiting for months or years should raise a red flag immediately! The application process usually lasts one to three weeks. After applicants provide the necessary information about their manufacturing and supply chain, they will get certified quickly.

Too Costly

Not only is the application free of charge, but also is the company inclusion in the online and print Compassionate Shopping Guide.


The only payment there is a one-time fee for licensing the Leaping Bunny logo – if a company wants to use it on their packaging, marketing, media, etc. The licensing fee is based on the company’s gross annual sales and ranges from $500 to $4,500 maximum. It’s completely optional and not mandatory in order to get certified!

We’re New on the Market

The Program accepts applications from existing companies as well as start-ups. Not only that, but newly created companies can get a certification before they even have any product ready to launch yet.


They may also pay the licensing fee for the Leaping Bunny logo to advertise the upcoming product on their website, app, print media, etc.

US Law Requires Animal Testing for Products

Neither the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) nor the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) requires animal testing for household or cosmetic products.

Is It Worth It?

Yes, absolutely! Apart from the moral aspect of fighting the inhumane practices on animals, your company will also be advertised to over 10 million compassionate consumers, and the numbers keep growing.

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