And How to Incorporate It in Your Look

Let’s be honest about this. Just keeping up with the latest fashion trends is tough enough. Trying to see how we can fit the color of the year into our beauty regime – it might seem like the last drop. However, if you want to give it a shot, it may be easier than you think.


Before even thinking of ways to incorporate it, try to find out what the shade is about. For example, does the color represent something more elegant and formal? Or perhaps it is soft and gentle tone with more of a calming effect? This is the basis for your inspiration.


Depending on the meaning and origin attached to the color, let your creative juices flow. Take the time to do a bit of research into the meaning and ways people used to make the most of it. Then start to experiment with new application ideas.

Different Shades

The color of the year may not be something right up your ally. If it isn’t, that’s ok. You can still bring it into your look in a more subtle way.


You can wear the color together with different shades along with it, for a more blended effect. You don’t need to use just one color all over; you can opt to highlight one part of your face using that specific shade.

Go Boldly

If you are feeling brave and want to make a statement, go all out and incorporate it into your look.


If it is something loud and it works for all-day wear, then perhaps you can use an eye shadow in color. If it isn’t something that works for casual affairs, bringing it into an evening look may be more advisable.


The amount of makeup that you apply is ultimately something you can choose, depending on the coverage you want. Play around and find ways to add a tinge of this shade – even if it’s just with illuminator.

Mix and Match

You can take matters into your own hands, too, by applying the color of the year onto your nails. While people may look at your face most of the time, your hands say something too!


If you choose to display this color on your hands, you can also opt to bring in a matching scarf around your neck for more attention. Plus, if the choice turns out to be too loud for the face, this is a perfect compromise.

Stock Up

It is not always easy to find vegan, cruelty-free products in general. When a fabulous and trending shade comes out, and it is named the color of the year, chances are the products will fly off the shelves.


For that reason, when you find a fabulous product, stock up. Make sure you have enough of it so that you don’t run out.

Experiment and Accessorize

Colors like blue and green are not typically ones you see on the lips. For these kinds of colors, think eyeliners and mascaras. More brands are venturing out and bringing out new and vibrant colors for all seasons.


For the more subtle pinks and reds, look to the lips and the cheekbone. Using pinks and reds on the cheeks can accentuate the cheekbone and give you a healthy glow.


Don’t be afraid to accessorize or add to your look with fabulous earrings and necklaces. These can add the final touches to your outfit.


No matter the look you are going for, incorporating the latest color of the year is fun and you can create your unique masterpiece each time. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with colors. Who knows, you may find yourself a whole new look that you love.

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