We’re now living in a different era. We can hold all the information of the world right in the palm of our hand. It would take a couple of thousand football fields to store all the information we have available on our phones.


Having said that, it leaves us with no excuses not to make conscientious, educated decisions.


We have all the possibilities to learn about some vital matters, my friend. By only making a quick Google search, you can learn about the unnecessary cruelty that is animal testing. Make another one, and you can find thousands of products that weren’t tested on live animals and also won’t hurt you.


I guess it’s pretty essential for you that everything you use on your body isn’t harmful, right?


Like I said before, we are now part of a cultural revolution and we have to take advantage of that. It’s super important that you take note of this. Cruelty-free is now the new standard and there’s no going back!

What Does Cruelty-Free Mean?

It’s actually the simplest thing in the world: Cruelty-free means that all materials used to create the product are completely natural. No weird chemicals or synthetics. No animals, no cruelty.


That translates to completely harm-free use for you. Also, it means that not a single live animal had to suffer to make or test these products.

What Do I Have to Take Into Account?

For example, Rock Candy products have two critical worldwide certifications that you have to always look for in any product: one from the Vegan Organization and the other from the Leaping Bunny Program.


The first one means that the products are completely free of any animal product. It’s perfect for vegans since it’s made using only natural materials and nothing’s artificial. Like I said before, this means that I will be very gentle to your beloved organism.


The second one, besides having the cutest name any program out there may have, it’s also very important. That’s the cruelty-free certification. It means that the product you’re about to use, or any of the materials needed to create it, were not tested in any live animals. That’s pretty awesome, right?

What Products Do I Recommend?

After all that I just said about the importance of cruelty-free standards, it would be crazy for me to recommend products that don’t respond to them, right? Fortunately, I’m not mad!


At least not yet, so of course I’m recommending Rock Candy. This is a small brand that’s taking the beauty market by a storm. They sell many amazing makeup items that double as skin care products.


Let’s take a look of the ones people find most appealing and became very popular recently. And surely you will love them too. Of course, their products are certified vegan as well. Here are the top five most popular Rock Candy Beauty makeup products!


Aren’t you tired of all your messy makeup lying around your bedroom or even the bathroom? All the bottles and tools turn makeup into something annoying.


Well, it’s time to change that immediately! With Rock Candy’s Airbrush Gun, it’s easy. So easy it’s almost magical. With this spray on makeup, you can get that red-carpet look on your face in no-time.


You will become so in love with Rock Candy’s product you will have the urge to take them anywhere you go. With this fresh and fashionable travel bag, you can do it very neatly.


Everyone knows that you don’t go completely into spa-and-relaxation-mode if you’re not wearing a headband like this one. Be ready for makeup and skin care without your beautiful hair getting in the middle.


With this foundation, you will look as beautiful as the picture you took with “face beauty” option all the way up to the maximum. The only difference is that you will look like that in real life!


This product has nothing to do with the famous rapper, but it will make your skin ready for the cat-walk incredibly fast. Put it on before airbrushing to enhance that 4K look you’re after!

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