Sustainability and ethical fashion are IN! The fashion and beauty industry has taken a political turn and is glamourizing sustainable fashion like never before. Brands are now making a statement by what they use, how their products are manufactured, and how they impact the Earth.


Why has sustainability become so popular? What are brands doing to help the environment? Let’s look into the why’s and how’s of this new era of branding.

Decreasing The Carbon Footprint

When we make a purchase, we end up with a lot of things to dispose of. Before it even arrives, greenhouse emissions is produced from delivery trucks when they ship packages. Once we receive it, we’ve got product packaging, receipt, the container, etc.


There is so much waste in traditional purchases! Environmentally friendly companies see this as a challenge to cut down on waste and pollution as much as possible.


This new way of merchandising can come in many forms: replacing harmful ink and paper receipts by making everything digital, eliminating packaging or replacing it with raw, organic materials, etc. They even opt for artisanal, handcrafted goods.

Minimalist Aesthetic

Being minimalist means not having a closet and bathroom counter overflowing with hundreds of items that you don’t need or use. Companies are recognizing this and increasing their quality to ensure they are one of the only few things you need.


This implies producing something long-lasting or a thing which requires very few accessories or maintenance. For example, spray on makeup eliminates the need for brushes! Plus, investing in a few pricier products versus tons of junk will definitely free up clutter. Clearing your space will clear your mind.

Regenerative Operations

Companies can provide recycling services in two ways. One, by creating a product that is recyclable and/or made of recycled goods. They can also provide services that recycle or dispose of harmful materials in a safe manner.


Companies that sell batteries or computers are good examples of safe disposal – those items cannot be disposed of by consumers, so tech companies address that issue by setting a safe disposal system.

Sustainable Brand Influence

The idea of sustainable brands has been around for a while, but with the rise of the internet and new-found awareness, eco-friendly trends and products have been gaining momentum. Brands and brand influencers now use their platforms to connect with the green community and make a difference.


Brands not only become an image for sustainability, but they cultivate a community and carry out call-to-actions that encourage fashion lovers to go green, too. They get the conversation starting, raise awareness, and often recruit help to achieve important goals – whether it’s through direct fundraising or a percentage of their profits.

At What Cost?

Since sustainable production is so specialized and new, it can be a bit pricey. However, there is hope for beauty lovers on a budget! While some designer products are highly priced, more and more companies are providing eco-friendly alternatives. When the brand competition increases, their prices will compete as well.


Farm-to-table isn’t limited to our food! If you need help with affordable sustainable shopping, it helps to begin with local businesses. Not only will it put money back into the community, but it will also support skilled artisans that value the Earth as much as we do.

Brands Of The Future

It’s been so difficult lately for brands to stand out, but those that invest in sustainability always win my vote. When I see a brand that prioritizes sustainability, it shows that they value the environment more than profit. I will never hesitate to invest in a brand that helps cut down my impact on the Earth.


By converting to sustainable production and consumption, we can actively adapt to a greener lifestyle and build a better future – all while cherishing the products we love.

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