And How to Make Sure They Are Cruelty-Free

We all want to help the environment. A great way to do so is by becoming greener and using sustainable and cruelty-free products, even when it comes to makeup. But, I find I don’t always have the money to buy some of the products recommended on the media.


I’m likely not the only one here with that issue, so I’m going to share my top finds that won’t break the bank.



We all use foundation whenever we wear makeup, and it just looks a lot better to have it than to go bare-faced. But because of this, it runs out fast – meaning we buy it so often it can harm our bank accounts.


Fortunately, I stumbled onto Rock Candy, a spray on foundation that lasts a whole lot longer.


Why does it last? Airbrush makeup provides an even coating without the wastage you’d get by using a cream. These coats are also lighter and thinner. Since it doesn’t require as much of the foundation as it otherwise would, you get double the benefits.


For anyone looking to move to airbrush foundation, they have a starter kit that’s perfect for everyone. It includes the airbrush gun, four foundation shades, and a multi-speed compressor that will help you effortlessly apply the foundations to create a flawless complexion.


Reusable Makeup Pads

These little pads are generally made of organic cotton or bamboo, and they represent an amazing alternative to single-use tissues.


They’re easy to wash and use, the only slight downside would be minor staining which may occur if the pads are in a light color. Because of this, I highly recommend trying to get them in black or any other dark color.


My favorite form of this is the MakeUp Eraser, a small cloth that cuts out the need to buy any makeup removal liquids, unlike other pads available. It’s also easily machine washable and can last for around 2 to 4 years, depending on how well you look after it.


The DIY Solution

Sometimes, the best way to save money is to do something yourself, and it’s actually a really awesome thing to do. The knowledge that you’re using something made with your own two hands is extremely rewarding and brag-worthy.


Also, if you get good at it, it could even save you money on gifts for a variety of occasions. Here is my favorite DIY product to use.


A savior on plenty of occasions, buying an aerosol can isn’t exactly without its carbon footprint. Fortunately, these can easily be made at home.


Start with a base of either cornstarch or blended oatmeal. The next ingredient depends on your hair color: black gets charcoal, for brown you need cocoa powder, red uses cinnamon, blond is arrowroot, and colored hair uses chalk of that same color.


Mix equal parts of color and base in a bowl, but adjust the ratio accordingly until you get the result identical to your hair’s color.


Apply the powder to your roots using either with an old makeup brush or your fingers. You also want to get it to the oily parts of your hair. After all that simply comb the powder through as you normally would your hair.


Also, a quick reminder. Stay safe against any potential allergies by spot testing it on a patch of your scalp before using it on all your hair.


Added ingredients can include rice flour for sun protection, but also many more. I found that fenugreek (for light colored hair) or coffee (for dark colored hair) both aid with dandruff issues. Adding essential oils such as lemongrass, peppermint, or orange will add a factor of deodorization.


The Bottom Line

There are plenty of ways to be cruelty-free while on a budget. And as we’ve seen, this can mean getting one’s hands dirty and making the solution by yourself.


I say, never be afraid to do work for what you believe in. For me, that’s worth making some of my products and washing reusable ones as well.

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